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About Us

You’re not alone. We all need support sometimes; life is complicated and poses difficult challenges. As you struggle to make the right decisions, uncover your true potential, and find the happiness you deserve, it’s good to know there is someone ready to listen and guide you on your personal path. Discover how I apply my psychic intuitive skills every day to help men and women just like you — people dealing with issues such as Love, Career, Money, Family, Relationship & Happiness.
Accurate Psychic Reading

Our Services

Tarot Card Reading

Whether you’d like to have us host a tarot reading at your bachelor party, wedding, birthday party, or anniversary, our psychic can come to you. Additionally, we offer...

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My Spells will shift your awareness, with this openness to explore and start working with the energy of the Universe, you can start living a life that is bigger and...

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Spiritual Cleansing and Detox

Would you want to be in ‘this moment’ where you totally feel free, energetic, healthy, full of love, peace and life; and your fears, worries, obsessions...

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Reuniting Loved Once and Love Reading

I am a Love Therapist specializing in reuniting loved ones and guiding them to connect with their soulmate. Are you asking yourself, Am I in the right...

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Palm Reading

The palm will tell things about yourself, personality, and things that are going on with you. Tarot cards will tell you about yourself, and other people in...

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Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the energy centers within our bodies that are the opening for-life energy to flow into and out of our aura function of the seven major...

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Tea leaf reading

Tea leaf reading is a special type of divination (fortune-telling) that involves interpreting the patterns of leftover tea leaves in a cup of tea. I look for special...

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Coffee Reading

Find out the answers to all your questions with one massive tarot card reading. I’m a tarot card reader who uses a unique tarot layout to divine...

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Our Special Service

Client's Testimonial

keia wyatt

Shiann was very nice and she's very accurate. She was so insightful and honest. I really appreciate her patience with me because I was a little nervous. I wish I had written everything down.

Moet Chandon

She is very talented. She made me comfortable and was extremely straight forward. She was able to accurately ease my mind and help me confirm things with life choices. I will definitely be back.

laura smith

An incredible reader. I have never experienced a reading so thorough and spot on! I was surprised as she told me such accurate information. She was also very nice and genuine!

Alexis Marcelo

I feel like no words can could accurately express how much I appreciate Shiann. I’ve been getting readings done for the majority of my adult life and she’s hands down one of the best!


I honestly love this lady the reading was amazing she know things about me then me knowing myself I definitely recommend her for your reading and everything else

Karolina Diaz

I highly recommend psychic Botanica for a tarot reading, very professional and very informative.

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